Therapeutic potentials of Tamra (copper) and its alloys A review through Brihatrayi

  • Chaudhari Swapnil Y
  • Galib R
  • Prajapati P K
Keywords: Brihatrayi, Caraka, Copper, Kamsya, Pittala, Tamra


Metals and minerals are known to man since human civilization and became integral part of Ayurvedic therapeutics. Tamra (copper) and its alloys (Pittala and Kamsya) are one among such metals. They are emphasized throughout classical literature for various therapeutic and non therapeutic purposes. A number of formulations are found in Brihatrayi in contexts like internal administration, external application, utilization in the preparation of instruments and other purposes. Formulations of Tamra are recommended in diseases like Hicca (hiccup), Swasa (respiratory distress), Pipasa (Thirst), Visha (Poison) and Pandu (Anemia) etc. In the current review, an attempt has been made to compile all such references of copper and its alloys referred in Brihatrayi.
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