Proforma for Deciding Doshaja Prakriti In Children

  • Lode Dattatraya Somaji
  • Bakal Nilesh Ganeshrao
Keywords: Prakriti, children, proforma, kashyapa, genetic constitution


Prakriti is sum total of morphological, physiological and psychological traits in human beings. Prakriti of human being has genetic and acquired aspects. The genetic aspects depends upon shukra and shonita. Due to this predominance of dosha proportion, people show psychosomatic expressions called as Deha prakriti. Preventive aspects of prakriti has been described by charak. Importance of prakriti is prescribing dietary regimen and life style management in healthy individuals and treatment point of view in diseased individuals. Brihatrayi granthas mentioned about criteria for deciding doshaja prakriti in view of adults. Out of all criteria, some are really related with growth and some with development of child. Most of criteria are prashna pariksha (history taking ) nature. In this study we have tried to highlight the difference of criteria for deciding prakriti in children and adults.
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