Use of Mnemonics to enhance learning in the B.A.M.S Students

  • Kalpana K Tawalare
  • Kiran A Tawalare
Keywords: Mnemonics, Ayurveda, Traditional method, Marma


Ancient human lacking the skills and devices required to store large amount of information. Necessity leads them to invent and develop a system of mnemonics. Broadly speaking mnemonic is a group of memory techniques, or mental ‘slights of hand’ that together facilitate the quick and easy assimilation of information likes facts, figures, names, faces and events. Ayurveda is one of the field endowed Sanskrit terminologies with verses from Ayurvedic compendia. Sometime this may leads to crash the student’s confidence and big question arises for them how to learn all these things within speculated time period. Present study was planned to make the hard study task easy with the help of mnemonics and to improve recalling capacity of the student. For this study 60 students of first B.A.M.S. enrolled randomly. Lectures arranged consecutively with traditional method and with the help of mnemonics for 10 days each. After teaching, evaluation of feedback form and MCQ test was done. Data obtained was analyzed statically with help of paired - t test and Kruskal-Wallis test. It is concluded that mnemonics were useful to enhance the learning with significance level p < 0.0001
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