Role of Ksharaplota in Lacerated Infected Wound - A Case Study

  • Anantkumar V Shekokar
  • Kanchan M Borkar
Keywords: Kshara plota, Lacerated wound, Shodhana, Ropana, Slough


Lacerated wound most commonly occurs due to road traffic accidents. Such lacerated wound when ignored gets infected due to low immunity & many other factors. Infected wounds requires surgical debridement to maintain good healing process. Such procedure is very painful & patient gets afraid of surgical debridement .In this way patient keeps away himself from proper treatment.

In such cases non surgical procedure should be used which are similarly effective to surgical procedure hence this attempt is tried to make by Ksharaplota in the present study. Ksharaplota is used with dressing on alternate day for 10 days. After each sitting, observations were recorded. After 10 days healthy granulation tissues & wound contraction occurred. Hence Ksharaplota is useful as non surgical parameter which similarly effective to surgical parameter.

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