Variation in the Formation of Sural Nerve –A Case Report

  • Tanvi Mahajan NKJAMC and PG Centre Bidar
  • Bhosgikar Anup NKJAMC and PG Centre Bidar
  • Mulimani N G NKJAMC and PG Centre Bidar
Keywords: Human Cadaver, Sural Nerve, Lateral Sural Cutaneous Nerve, Medial Sural Cutaneous Nerve, Tibial Nerve, Common Peroneal Nerve


Sural nerve is a sensory nerve, which supplies the skin of the posterolateral aspect of the distal third of leg, lateral malleolus, along the lateral side of foot and little toe. The sural nerve’s anatomy is broadly studied in man, because it is one of the most frequently used sensory nerves in transplantation. The aim of the paper is to present a case of variant formation of the sural nerve and review of literature related to this case. Here is an unusual type of formation of sural nerve is reported. In this case, the medial sural cutaneous nerve and lateral sural cutaneous nerve were noticed to continue their course without any formation of a unique nerve trunk on the posterior side of left leg of 50 year old male cadaver. A transverse communicating branch connecting these two nerves was present. As the sural nerve is of significant diagnostic and therapeutic importance, detailed knowledge of the sural nerve’s anatomy and its contributing nerve is also of great importance

Author Biographies

Tanvi Mahajan, NKJAMC and PG Centre Bidar
2nd Year P.G Scholar, Department of Rachana Shareera
Bhosgikar Anup, NKJAMC and PG Centre Bidar
Lecturer, Departmaent of Shareera Rachana and Kriya
Mulimani N G, NKJAMC and PG Centre Bidar
Professor and HOD, Departmaent of Rachana Shareera
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