Conceptual Study of Yakruta as a Mulasthana of Raktavaha Strotasa with Special Reference to Liver Functions


  • Pande Prasad Prabhakarrao PMT's ayurved college shevgaon distt -ahemadnagar 414502
  • Deshpande Pradnya Ravindra
  • Sonawane Suvarna Rambhau
  • Shahane Vijay Chandrakant


Haemopoesis, Mulasthana, Raktadhatu, Raktavaha srotas, Yakruta.


Ayurveda believes that human body is structured with different srotasa which are basic and fundamental parts. These srotasas are very closely associated with their respective mulasthana. These mulasthana are very important from treatmental and prognostic aspect as its involvement in the formation, examination and control over the bhavapadartha flowing through the srotasa. The rakta dhatu (blood) which is also referred as fourth dosha by Ayurveda, is one of the important functional element of body of which formation, transformation and conduction is carried out by raktavaha srotas.The yakruta (liver) is advocated as the mulasthana of raktavaha srotas. The modern science especially has mentioned the cardiovascular system for blood circulation and the liver as metabolic gland and an integral part of digestive system. Most of the blood related concepts like haemopoesis, storage and blood constituents are rooted in liver. In present research paper, the relationship between yakruta and blood components is studied. Also an attempt has been made to find out the reasons for mentioning the yakruta (liver) as mulasthana of raktavaha srotas.

Author Biographies

Deshpande Pradnya Ravindra

Assistant Professor, Dept. of  Rachana Sharir, PMT’s Ayurved College, Shevgaon; Dist-Ahmednagar (MS)

Sonawane Suvarna Rambhau

Assistant Professor, Dept. of  Dravyaguna, PMT’s Ayurved College, Shevgaon; Dist-Ahmednagar (MS).

Shahane Vijay Chandrakant

Associate Professor, Dept. of Swasthvritta, PMT’s Ayurved College, Shevgaon; Dist-Ahmednagar (MS).




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Prabhakarrao, P. P., Ravindra, D. P., Rambhau, S. S., & Chandrakant, S. V. (2014). Conceptual Study of Yakruta as a Mulasthana of Raktavaha Strotasa with Special Reference to Liver Functions. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 5(4). Retrieved from