Effect of Rasayana in Communicable Diseases: A Review

  • Mandal Sisir Kumar
  • Sharma Reetu
Keywords: Communicable diseases, Rasayana, Immunity


A number of endemic communicable diseases present a serious public health hazard in India. India is going through a period of transition, both epidemiological and demographic transition. The expectancy of life has increased, with consequent rise in degenerative diseases of aging and life-styles. Nevertheless, communicable diseases are still dominant and constitute major public health issues. Due to low socio economical standard, poor hygienic conditions and population explosion, communicable diseases have become a serious threat to the society in our developing country. Rasayana therapy is particularly helpful in management of such a disorder where immunity and infections are playing central role. As per Ayurvedic principles immunity of a person can be enhanced by use of proper diet and lifestyle along with a proper use of Rasayana. Rasayana is actually that which increases the essence of each Dhatu starting from Rasa. Taking Rasayana is helpful to increase the immunity of person to keep him away from communicable diseases. They are of two types Urjaskara (enhance the general immunity) and Roganuta (used in specific disease conditions). There are many Rasayanas used to improve the immunity and cure diseases like Shilajatu Rasayana for Prameha, Lauha in Pandu, Amalaki, Haridra, Chyavanprash etc.

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