A Critical Review on Ayurvedic Diagnostic Methods

  • Venkat Shivudu K Reader, Dept of Basic Principles, TTDs SV Ayurvedic College, Tirupati
Keywords: Pareeksha, Dasavidha pareeksha, special proforma


Ayurveda is a holistic system of life which focuses the way of living along with treatment aspects. The antiquity of Ayurveda goes back to the Vedas and key points were taken from Darsanas too. The pramanas are the means to get the knowledge but Ayurveda implied the pramanas in a unique way as a examination tool (pareeksha) for diagnosis purpose in Atura and understanding of the individual in Swastha. Several types of pareeksha are available in Ayurvedic classics which include Dasavidha pareeksha, Astasthana pareeksha, Shadvidha pareeksha, Trividha pareeksha and the like. Of these, Dasavidha pareeksha is the most significant as it encompasses all other types of examinations. Many of the diagnostic methods mentioned in Ayurveda are not scientifically practised now a day. Some of the above mentioned examinations were given least importance in case taking and has now turned customary many aspects of examination are neglected. In the present study the prime intention was to formularize a standard separate proforma for diagnosis of diseases, based chiefly on the Dasavidha pareeksha to enable the students and practitioners to have a better procedure for diagnosis.
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