A Comparative Study of Shyamatrivruttadi Kalka and Bruhatiphala-Dwiharidra Kalka Yonipuran in Kaphaja Yonivyapad

  • Pinge C D
  • Kulkarni C J
  • Danga S K
  • Bende Yogita
  • Bombarde Anita
  • Khandekar Anuradha
Keywords: Kaphaja Yonivyapada, Garbhadharan, Rajaswala, Rutucharya, Sutikaparicharya etc


Introduction: A healthy woman is a promise of healthy family. The concept of healthy yoni has been asserted in various phase of woman’s life from puberty to marriage to child birth and thereafter. Due to change in lifestyle, modern food habits of fast food, junk food she is unable to follow the rules of Dincharya, Rutucharya, Rajaswala, Rutumati and Sutikaparicharya which are explained by Aacharyas for women’s health. Thus she is prone to various yonirogas, one of which is Yonigat Shewta-Picchilsrava, Yonikandu, Yonigata Alpa vedana which are the features of Kaphaja yonivyapada and is neglected by women as minor symptoms. Aims and Objectives: 1.To evaluate the efficacy of Shyamatrivruttadi kalka in kaphaja  Yonivyapad & Bruhatiphala-Dwiharidra kalka in kaphaja  yonivyapad. Materials and Methods: The female patients within 18 to 45 years of age group complaining mainly of kaphaja yonivyapad were selected irrespective of occupation, religion and prakruti. Conclusion: Most of the patients in experimental group showed better relief in sign symptoms as compared to the control group, it is obvious from the all analysis of data that the drug in experimental group had definitely better role than control group to alleviate clinical features in Kaphaj yonivyapad.
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