Role of Jalaukavcharana in Netraroga


  • Sumedha J Pundge
  • Yogesh T Kotangale



Rakthamokshana, Jalaukavcharana, netraroga, hirudin.


           Rakthamokshana is the procedures of Panchakarma which helps to eliminate vitiated dosha that accumulate in the body. Jalaukavcharana is the types of Rakthamokshana which is practiced globally in India since ancient times. A detailed description on Jalaukavcharana is available in Ayurveda. It is used in management of various diseases in all the systems of the body including ears, nose, throat, eyes and head. Now a day’s Leeches are also used by ophthalmologists to treat inflammatory, traumatic processes and various diseases of eyes. According to Ayurveda, the diseases of eyes were caused due to vitiation of tridoshas. Jalaukavcharana i.e. leech application is a type of bloodletting therapy. It removes some of these toxins and vitiated doshas which are accumulated in the body. Various bioactive substances are present in saliva of leech. Along with that, it also exerts a therapeutic effect in several diseases. Though despised by most, medicinal leeches can be of immense benefit that may help people to surmount numerous health disorders. Jalaukavcharana is very effective ancient method of Panchakarma neglected by physician. There are many side effects of modern medicine. So it is the need to spread awareness about Jalaukavcharana and its efficacy. Thus Jalaukavcharana is the alternative therapy promising more effective and safer outcomes for the society.





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