Computation and Comparison of The Drug Efficacy Indices [Q(VPK)] of certain Ayurvedic Hair Care Formulations

  • Abhilash Mullasserill
Keywords: Alternative medicines, Ayurvedic Hair Care Formulations, Drug Efficacy Index [Q(VPK)], Efficacy


           The Ayurveda being one of the oldest systems of alternative medicines have its roots in Rgveda the oldest monument of human civilization. Indian Rishis kept this system as their eyeball and developed many useful formulations to the entire human society. The present study aims to predict the efficacies of certain Hair Care Ayurvedic formulations including the modern patented and proprietary medicines by computing their respective Drug Efficacy Indices. The Drug Efficacy Index is a new concept that could be considered as the direct measure of efficacy of various Ayurvedic formulations.


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