Verification of Internal Oleation Doses mentioned by Vangasena to achieve proper Oleation before Vamana and Virechana


  • Vishakha Rajesh Wetal Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik



Vangasen, internal oleation, shodhan sneha matra, samyak snigdha lakshanani, Brihat-trayi


Background -Maximum(Pradhan), minimum(heena) and medium(madhyam) doses for  internal oleation pursued as preparation, before Vamana (induced vomiting for therapeutic purpose) and Virechana (induced purgation for therapeutic purpose) is mentioned in all three Ayurveda classic texts (Brihat-trayi), on the basis of time required for its digestion and doshavastha.. This method is very subjective contrary to the objective evaluation affirmed in Vangasen-Snehpanadhikar(VS), where evaluator does not make any judgment. The actual dose quantification, in increasing order for shodhan purpose is mentioned in VS. Objective-To verify suitability of internal oleation doses cited in Vangasen to achieve Samyak Snigdha Lakshanani(SSL) and to monitor its complications if any.    

Method - This method was applied for 18 patients intended for either Vamana or Virechana to verify its authenticity to achieve SSL. Sixteen patients were given medium dose and two were given maximum dose. Oleation was discontinued as soon as SSL were achieved.

Result-Out of 18 patients one achieved SSL in three days, five in four days, six in five days and five patients in six days. One patient took seven days to achieve SSL. Out of 18 patients, on last day one digest sneha in 2 hrs, 3 digest it in 4 to 5 hrs, 9 in 6 to 7 hrs, and 5 patients took 10 to 15 hrs to digest sneha on the day of completion of Snehana. Complications were not observed in any patient.

Conclusion-Medium or maximum doses specified in VS, can be used for internal oleation before Vamana and Virechana to achieve SSL without any complication. Thus the method is practical one.


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Vishakha Rajesh Wetal, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Reader, Dept of Panchakarma, Sumatibhai Shah Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra




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Wetal, V. R. (2015). Verification of Internal Oleation Doses mentioned by Vangasena to achieve proper Oleation before Vamana and Virechana. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 6(3).



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