Effect of Pramehamihira taila in the management of Madhumehaja paadadaaha w.s.r to Diabetic sensory neuropathy

  • Mahalakshmi K M JSS Ayurveda medical college & hospital,Mysuru
Keywords: Madhumehaja paadadaaha, Pramehamihira taila, Paadaabhyanga, Diabetic sensory neuropathy


Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder of multiple etiologies. Diabetic neuropathies occur in approximately 50% of individuals with long standing Diabetes. Diabetic foot is one of the commonest chronic complications of Diabetes. In Ayurveda Samhitha, paadadaaha is explained as samanya purvaroopa of Prameha & Daaha is also mentioned as samanya upadrava of Prameha. Paadadaaha is said to be caused due to vitiated Vata & Pitta. Pramehamihira taila has properties such as Vatahara, Pittahara & daaha prashamana. Hence the present clinical study was carried out to assess the effect of Pramehamihira tail in the management of Madhumehaja paadadaaha w.s.r. to Diabetic sensory neuropathy.

In this study 30 patients with confirmed diagnosis of paadadaaha were subjected to Paadaabhyanga with Pramehamihira taila for 14 days & assessment of result was done for subjective signs. From statistical analysis, it was evident that, 20 patients (66%) showed good response, 10 patients (44%) showed moderate response & none of the patients showed poor or no response. From the present study it can be concluded that the condition paadadaaha can be managed by Paadaabhyanga with Pramehamihira taila.


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Mahalakshmi K M, JSS Ayurveda medical college & hospital,Mysuru

Assitant professor

Department of Panchakarma

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