Swedana Samsakara of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula Retz) with Jala and Gomutra: A comparative Phyto-Pharmacognostical study

  • Shivam Joshi
  • Mandip Goyal
  • Harisha C R
  • Shukla V J
Keywords: Gomutra, Haritaki, HPTLC, Jala, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemical, Swedana Samsakara, UV-VIS-NIR


Samsakara (transformation) and Samyoga (combination) play major role in pharmaceutics. Samsakara is defined as Gunantaradhanam (transformation). Swedana is Agni Sannikarsha Samsakara. The changes in finished product because of Swedana Samsakara with two different media Jala and Gomutra can be perceived at pharmacognostical and phytochemical levels. Aims: To compare role of Swedana Samsakara with two different media Jala and Gomutra on basis of phyto-pharmacognostical, HPTLC and UV-VIS-NIR Reflectance (180-2500nm) study. Materials and Methods: In the present study, 3 samples were prepared viz. Haritaki Churna (Powder) (GH-1), Gomutra Swedita Haritaki(GH-3) and Jala Swedita Haritaki (GH-5), to compare role of Swedana Samsakara on basis of Pharmacognostical (powder microscopy), Pharmaceutical, HPTLC densitogram and UV-VIS-NIR reflectance (180-2500nm) study. Results: The samples prepared with different media showed difference in pharmacognostical, pharmaceutical, HPTLC and UV-VIS-NIR findings. Gomutra Swedita Haritaki(GH-3) had highest variation in all Phyto-Pharmacognostical, HPTLC and UV-VIS-NIR. Powder microscopy of GH-3 showed clumped epicarp cells, squashed mesocarp cells (not clear), parenchyma cells with brown content, cellular content was darker (brown) and crystalline material etc. Phytochemical parameters showed pH (7.0), loss on drying (9.303%w/w), ash value (15.84%w/w), water soluble extract (57.2%w/w), and alcohol soluble extract (43.5% w/w). HPTLC showed eight peaks at 256nm and 366nm. In UV-VIS-NIR, GH-3 has higher variation while other sample has higher leverage. GH-3 has apparent different profile from GH-1, GH-5. Conclusions: Swedana Samsakara effect was seen in both Jala and Gomutra but media (Samyoga) plays leading role to establish desired Gunas (qualities) and Karma (therapeutic action) in the final product.


Author Biographies

Mandip Goyal

Assistant professor,
Department of Kayachikitsa,
IPGT&RA, Jamnagar

Harisha C R

Head, Pharmacognosy laboratory,

IPGT&RA, Jamnagar


Shukla V J

Head, Pharmaceutical chemistry,

IPGT&RA, Jamnagar


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