Manuscriptology: Relevance for Ayurveda Research Scholar

  • Sreeja K G
  • Jayashankar Mund
  • Vishwanathan Nambootiri
  • Leena P Nair
Keywords: Manuscripts, Ayurveda, Manuscript preservation, Ayurvedic Manuscripts in Kerala, Conserving manuscripts, Traditional Knowledge.


Manuscripts are the treasure of wisdom passed from generation to generation. The art of writing emerged as a way of preserving knowledge that was previously transmitted orally from one generation to the next. Ayurveda developed as a result of the accumulated wisdom and practical experiences of many generations. The knowledge gained by ancient seers of Ayurveda were passed generations through the Manuscripts. Still thousands of valuable unpublished Ayurveda manuscripts are available in Government agencies which can immensely contribute in the development of system. Government of India gives a great importance to procure, preserve and to publish manuscripts. Kerala has exceptionally rich Ayurveda tradition and collection of Manuscripts which required special attention by the Government and from the scholars. The preserved Manuscripts are the invaluable treasure of knowledge  which can be utilized for the well being of present generation as well as to pass on to the next generation. This study focuses on an introduction to manuscripts in Indian context with special reference to Kerala and discuss the importance of preserving and conserving manuscripts especially for an Ayurvedic research scholar.


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