Physico-chemical properties and chromatographic findings of different natural solvent extracts of Vitex negundo Linn.

  • Vivek Kumar
  • Harmeet Kaur
  • Galib R
  • Prajapathi P K
Keywords: Extraction, Ghana, Gomutra, Kanji, Nirgundi, Vitex negundo


Introduction: Ayurveda, uses various herbs that are converted into different dosage forms mostly in presence of Jala (water) as solvent. In addition to water; seers also advocated certain other solvents for extraction of active principles from the herbs. Works on using traditional solvents other than water in extracting principles from different herbs are not reported till date. Aims: Considering lack of such evidences, an attempt has been made to prepare Nirgundi Ghana (solid extract of Vitex negundo Linn.) in three different solvents i.e. Jala (water), Kanji (sour gruel) and Gomutra (cow’s urine) and analyze respective physico-chemical profiles. Materials and Methods:  Ghana was prepared by classical methods described in Ayurveda. The samples were analyzed through relevant physico-chemical parameters. Results: In pharmaceutical study; yield was found more in presence of Kanji and Gomutra. Physico-chemical profiles showed few differences, but in most of the cases, they were insignificant. Conclusion: Based on preliminary physico-chemical profiles, it cannot be ascertained the usefulness of the finished products in therapeutics. Relevant experimental studies to identify and characterize the active phyto-constituents and evaluate therapeutic utilities of the principles extracted into the respective solvents are essential in further studies.


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