Role of Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha and Anu Taila Nasya in the management of Dushta Pratishyaya (Chronic Sinusitis)

  • Parth P Dhave IPGT & RA-jamnagar
  • Kunjal H Bhatta
  • Vaghela D B
  • Dhiman K S
Keywords: Anutaila, Chronic Sinusitis, Dushta Pratishyaya, Nasya, Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha


Chronic sinusitis-rhinosinusiis affects 5-15 % of the urban population. The prevalence of sinusitis (146/1000 population) has been reported to exceed that of any other chronic condition. The features of the disease Dushta Pratishyaya in general are similar to that of chronic sinusitis (rhinosinustis) in modern science. The study was planned to evaluate the role of Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha and Anutaila Nasya in the management of Dushta Pratishyaya (Chronic Sinusitis). Total 30 patients having classical sign and symptoms of Dushta Pratishyaya (Chronic Sinusitis) were registered and were randomly divided into two groups (Group A- Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha and Anutaila Nasya, Group B- Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha). The patients were given Vyaghri Haritaki Avaleha for the duration of two months and Anutaila Nasya in 3 sittings of seven days in each with the interval of seven days. Total 26 patients completed the treatment, 13 in each. Obtained data was statistically analyzed with the help of student ‘t’ test. The study reveals that in both the groups no patient was totally cured. 46.15 % and 53.85 % patients got marked relief, 38.46 % and 23.08 % patients got moderate relief, 15.38% and 23.08 % patients got mild relief in signs and symptoms of the disease in Group A and B respectively. None of the patients remained unchanged.



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