A Clinical Study on Role of Shigru Root Kwath in Mutrashmari

  • Binod Kalita Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences
Keywords: Mutrashmari, Shigru, Decoction, Haematuria, Strangury, Yavakut churna (Minute pieces)


The clinical study was done in 60 cases of urolithiasis in randomized controlled pattern to evaluate the efficacy of Shigru (Moringa oleifera Lam) root decoction in medical management of urinary stone (Mutrashmari). The study was conducted at Department of Shalya Tantra, Government Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Nanded, Maharashtra. For assessment of result patients were investigated by USG & X-ray KUB. Clinical features like pain, burning micturition, haematuria and strangury were also used for analysis of result. Patient’s routine blood and urine examination were carried out. The study reveals that Shigru root decoction has significant role in the management of mild to moderate sized urolithiasis and also give immediate relief to associated features. 

Author Biography

Binod Kalita, Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences
Department of Shalya Tantra, Assistant Proferssor, Govt. Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Jalukbari, Guwahati-781014, Assam
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