An Open label retrospective, controlled study to evaluate efficacy of Sinhyadi ghrita in the management of Balsosha with special reference to undernutrition

  • Rajkumar Harinkhede MUHS NASHIK
  • Chavan D B
  • Gawai V U
  • Minakshi Patle
Keywords: Balasosha, Sinhyadi Ghrita, undernutrition, HPERM, PEM, Dehabala, Agnibala


Balshosha which can be correlated with undernutrition (P.E.M.) is one of such disease occurring in children due to hampered nutrition or dhatuposhana. Nutrition is necessary for maintaining growth, the effect of nutrition reflects on development. Today nutrition deficiency constitutes a major public health problem in India. The goal of treatment is to be provided adequate calories for dual purpose, to replace losses and build up nutrition to promote growth. HPERM is indicated for home remedial treatment for mild to moderate PEM (Undernutrition / Malnutrition) however condition needs to be medically intervented to prevent the worsening of the situation and to provide adequate correction. Sinhyadi Ghrita mentioned in Ashtanghridya by Vagbhata is best in balshosha. Hence an attempt was made to study the effect of sinhyadi ghrita in the management of Balshosha(undernutrition).In present  study two groups containing 30 patients each suffering from undernutrition were selected randomly irrespective to sex, gestational age. Sinhyadi ghrita and HPERM combination was used as a trial group. Parameters such as weight, height, MUAC, skin elasticity, BMI, dehabla, agnibala were taken in to consideration for assessing results. At the end of study it was found that trial drug was very effective in the management of undernutrition.

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