The Role of PrajasthapanaYoga and Phalaghrita Uttarbasti in Management of Infertility W.S.R. Cervical Factor

  • Jasmina Acharya Gujarat Ayurved University
  • Mistry I U Gujarat Ayurved University
Keywords: Vandhyatva, Uttarbasti, Phalaghrita, PrajasthapanaYoga, Cervical factor, Infertility


Vandhyatva (infertility) has been a long standing problem since ancient times.Many herbal and herbo-mineral formulations are mentioned as treatment of infertility in the ancient texts,but they are not categorized according to the responsible factor of infertility.It is need of the hour to evaluate the efficacy of formulations with respect to various factors. With the above aim a clinical study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Prajasthapana Yoga and PhalaghritaUttarbasti on cervical factor i.e scanty cervical mucus.For clinical trial total 7 patients were selected for this study.4 tab.(2 gm)of Prajasthapana Yogawas given orally thrice a day for 2 month and intracervical Uttarbasti of  Phalaghrita(3 ml) was administered in every sitting for 6 days after end day of menses subsequently for two cycles.Sims Huhner and Moghissi cervical mucus Test and post coital testwere selected for the diagnosis and for evaluation of efficacy of therapy on cervical factor.Statistically highly significant result were found on quantity and viscosity(p<0.001) and significant result were found inferning,cellularityand spinnbarkeit(p<0.05). Hence, in nutshell it was concluded that Prajasthapna Yoga and PhalaghritaUttarbasti showed good results in all the properties of cervical mucus.

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