Effect of Leech application in Prolapsed Thrombosed Hemorrhoid: A case study

  • Danish Javed


ABSTRACT:  Prolapsed hemorrhoid is an emergency condition. The condition becomes worse after thrombosis and strangulation of the pile mass. Urgent surgical intervention is required in all the cases. Venous return of strangulated pile mass become very low and severe edema takes place along with serious painful condition. Hemorrhoidal mass is not able to reduce further in anal canal. Patient struck in serious woe and seeks urgent surgical attention. Leeches can be used as a successful tool in this situation by relieving venous pooling of blood and also by liquefying the clotted blood in pile mass. In present case study, a patient of grade IV hemorrhoid was cured by leech application. 


Key Words: Leech therapy, Prolapsed hemorrhoid, jalaukavacharana, Arsha Chikitsa.