A Comparative Clinical Study on the Effect of Dhanyaka Kalka and Dhanyaka Avalehya with Anupana of Sharkara mixed Tandulodaka in Garbhini Chardi

  • Upasana Nath Lecturer in Prasuti Tantra Stree Roga Department Nitishwar Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
  • Kalpana Sharma
Keywords: Dhanyaka Avaleha, Dhanyaka Kalka, Garbhini Chardi and Tandulodaka


Garbhini Chardi (vomiting in pregnancy) is a blazing issue in obstetric enactment. About 50-60% of all pregnant females agonize from vomiting in pregnancy most apparently in first trimester. If not tackled effectively before or in time, it may affect the quality of life of pregnant woman and pregnancy consequences. Ayurvedic classics have described many formulations for management of Garbhini Chardi. In this study Dhanyaka kalka and Dhanyaka Avaleha was taken both with Anupana of Sharkara mixed Tandulodaka. Aim: To compare the effect of Dhanyaka Kalka and Dhanyaka Avaleha with Anupana of Sharkara mixed with Tandulodaka in Garbhini Chardi. Materials and Methods: Single blind clinical study with pre‑test and post‑test was designed. 60 patients complaining of Chardi in 1st trimester were randomly divided into the two groups: Group A and Group B, each comprising of 30 patients. Medicine used for Group A was Dhanyaka Kalka with Anupana of Sharkara Mixed Tandulodaka (rice, water or gruel) and medicine used for Group B was Dhanyaka Avaleha with Anupana of Sharkara mixed Tandulodaka. Those cases, which were in regular follow ups for 5 weeks were taken for clinical study. The criteria of assessment were mainly on the symptomatic relief. Intermediate follow ups were recorded at interval of two weeks. Results: In Group A, overall percentage relief in chief complains was calculated as 59.44% whereas in Group B this value was 66.5%. Conclusion: In present clinical study efficacy of Dhanyaka Avaleha has been proven beneficial in comparison to Dhanyaka Kalka. The trial drug is highly significant in the management of Garbhini Chardi. This study needs to be done on large scale and for longer duration.

Author Biography

Kalpana Sharma

HOD & Professor, Department of Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga, Rishikul Campus, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

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