Management of Garbhasaya Greevagata Vrana (Cervical Ectopy) with Tankana Jala Yoni Dhavana and Aswattha Churna Orally (Under VIA And VILI)


  • Vishala Srinivas T
  • Amruta Shirke



VIA (Visual inspection with Acetic acid), VILI (Visual inspection with Lugol’s Iodine) CIN, Acetowhite, Squamocolumnar junction, Garbhasaya greevagata Vrana


Cervical cancer continues to be a major health concern in the women from age 25 years to 60 years. Visual inspection with acetic acid and lugol’s iodine is very simple to perform and cost effective, can be performed under low resource settings also. Garbhasaya greevagata vrana which can be understood as cervical ectopy according to modern science is one of the commonest encountered problem in gynecology practice. Screening programmes for the early detection of premalignant lesions of the cervix are expensive and technically difficult, especially in resource-challenged settings. There is a need for cheaper and equally effective alternative screening methods. METHODOLGY: A total of 112 parous females were registered with above symptoms. Ectopy cases were treated with distilled water prepared withTankan(borax) , an alkaline preparation for 14 days daily once and subjected for repeat inspection  after two months and 6 months. The interval between last day of therapy and re-inspection was one and half month.  RESULTS: 100 patients completed the treatment.10 patients were found with ectopy, 7 patients were referred to higher centre with VIA and VILI positive, out of which 4 patients were confirmed with CIN1, 1 patient with Invasive carcinoma and rest were non- significant. 5 patients dropped out. All patients except positive cases were treated with Ayurvedic medication and all ectopy cases responded well. CONCLUSION: Before treating benign cervical lesions screening with VIA and VILI will be helpful in the   early detection of cancer cervix. Ayurvedic treatment collaborated with more modern diagnostic methods help in more accurate approach in the management.  

Author Biographies

Vishala Srinivas T

Professor,Department of Prasuti Tantra

Yashwanth Ayurvedic college,Kodoli


Amruta Shirke

PG scholar, Yashwanth Ayurvedic college,Kodoli




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T, V. S., & Shirke, A. (2017). Management of Garbhasaya Greevagata Vrana (Cervical Ectopy) with Tankana Jala Yoni Dhavana and Aswattha Churna Orally (Under VIA And VILI). International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 8(1).



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