Review of Ayurvedic herbs with Kesharanjana Property in the Management of Caniites (Palitya)

  • Murali Krishna C
  • Sivaram G
  • Malini S
  • Babu G
Keywords: Canities, Palitya, Kesaranjana, Hair dyeing, Ayurveda


Greying of hair according to age is common phenomenon. But in modern era due to different kind of stress and changing life style Canities (Palitya) occur in early age. According to W.H.O in India, its incidence is high in the age group of 20-30 years. In Ayurveda premature greying of hair is called as Akala palitya (premature gray hair). According to Ayurveda grey hair is mainly due to the vitiation of Pitta dosha (biological entity related to exothermic reactions or transformation) & reference of Palitya is directly mentioned only in Pitta Prakruti (inherent constitution of an individual). The use of purification procedures of panchakarma (detoxifying therapy) has prime importance in the remedies mentioned for premature greying. Nasya karma (nasal medication) is one of the major rejuvenative treatments. Palliative external & internal medicaments measures like Shiro dhara (pouring oil on head), Shoro pichu (cloth dipped in oil kept on head), Shiro basti (oil is kept on head with an apparatus), Shiro lepa (application of medicated paste over head), Shiro abhyanga (oil massage to head) helps in speedy recovery. The chemical components in the herbs responsible for hair dyeing are discussed

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