The Industrial-Therapeutic Impact of Ferula in Sustainable Development: A Case Study in Lezoor Village (Firuzkuh, Iran)

  • Zohreh Najafi Asl Assistant Professor of Welfare and Planning, Social Science Department, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
Keywords: Ferula, cultivation and production method, local knowledge, sustainable development.


Todays, despite valuable properties of these vegetables, revenue generation, employment creation, and prevention of emigration and difficult social and environmental conditions (main components of sustainable rural development), scant attention is devoted to improved growth of this plant and its proper use in different industries including pharmacy and it is exported to other countries by an unreasonable sale price without sufficient knowledge gaining of its properties. Improvement in its growth and its increasing use can exert significant socioeconomic and environmental impacts in rural regions. This study attempts to examine appropriate methods to prevent damages against ferula and reduction of production as wells as the related problems of farmers in Firuzkuh (Iran). 

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