HPLC determination of Ursolic acid in flowers of an Iranian Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Cultivar

  • Sharifiyan Fatemeh
  • Mirjalili Seyed Abbas
  • Fazilati Mohammad
  • Habibollahi Saeed
  • Poorazizi Elahe
Keywords: HPLC, Pomegranate flowers, Ursolic acid.


Ursolic acid (UA), is a major bioactive compound in several traditional medicinal plants including pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) flower. This study presents the HPLC analysis of UA content in flowers of an Iranian pomegranate cultivar. The analytical method’s accuracy and the repeatability were satisfactory. The Linear ranges were 100-400 µg/ml for UA with a good correlation. On the average, the recovery rate of UA was 100%. Here, the extraction of UA from an Iranian pomegranate flower cultivar by employing an ultrasound-assisted extraction method was reported, and several extraction solvents were studied to improve extraction yield of UA. Remarkable quantities of UA were found in cultivar of pomegranate flower evaluated. Our results showed that Iranian pomegranate flower cv. Ghorj Tafti Torsh is a good source for extraction and isolation of UA.


Author Biographies

Sharifiyan Fatemeh

Department of Biology, Payame Noor University (PNU), Iran

Mirjalili Seyed Abbas

Imam Khomeini Higher Education Center, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization(AREEO), Tehran, Iran

Fazilati Mohammad

Department of Biology, Payame Noor University (PNU), Iran

Habibollahi Saeed

Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University (PNU), Iran

Poorazizi Elahe

Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran

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