A Critical study of Pramehahara effect of Dhaatri Nishe w.s.r. to Diabetes mellitus

  • Balavenkata Krishna S Dr
  • Sitaram Bulusu
Keywords: Prameha, Diabetes Mellitus, Dhaatrinishe, Daruharidra.


Nishaamlaki is a known Ayurvedic medicinal preparation which is found effective in controlling the Diabetes mellitus. But according to Astanga hridayaMeheshudhaatrinishe” combination of Aamlaki and two Haridra drugs effectively controls Prameha.Here the word “NISHE” indicates two drugs i.e., Haridra and Daruharidra.The combination of Aamlaki (Emblica officinalis Linn.) Haridra (Curcuma longa Linn.) and Daruharidra (Berberis aristata D.C & Coscinium fenestratum Colebr.) is to be considered as “Srestha” (Drug of choice) in Diabetes mellitus. India leads the world’s largest number of diabetic subjects earning the dubious distinction of being termed the diabetes capital of the world. According to diabetes atlas 2008 published by Indian diabetic federation, the number of people with diabetes in India are currently around 40.9 million and is expected to rise to 69.9 million by 2025 unless urgent preventive measures are  taken. In India, it is also 3rd leading cause of death (After heart disease and cancer).It has turned out to be the biggest “silent killer” in today’s world. The present research work is done on 60 patients dividing them into 2 groups.DH1 Group was given with Aamalaki, Haridra and Daruharidra {Berberis aristata D.C}, DH2 Group was given with Aamalaki, Haridra and Daruharidra {Coscinium fenestratum Colebr.}. Finally it is concluded that Daruharidra which is known botanically as Berberis aristata D.C is highly effective in controlling the blood sugar levels in combination with Aamalaki and Haridra than Coscinium fenestratum Colebr. in combinations with Aamalaki and Haridra.


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