The Effect of Lekhana Basti in the Management of Sthoulya


  • Ramachandra Nisargi
  • Pankaj Pathak
  • Mythrey R C



Sthoulya, lekhana basti, Amrutadya guggulu


The study was formulated to evaluate the effect of lekhana basti over Amrutadya guggulu as a shamanoushadhi. The controlled group received placebo for sixteen days and Amrutadya guggulu along with diet and exercise for thirty two days, whereas test group received a course of lekhana basti for sixteen days along Amrutadya guggulu with diet and exercise for thirty two days.  The duration of the treatment for both groups was 48 days. The mean scores levels of BMI, SFT, weight, vaksha pramana, spik pramana, vama bahu pramana and lipid profiles before and after the treatment of both groups were subjected for student's 't' test with paired and unpaired methods. A significant response was obtained in both groups higher response was seen in test group in the signs and symptoms and also response in lipid profile levels. The difference between reduction in BMI, SFT, weight vaksha pramana, udara pramana and lipid profile between the two groups were significant with P >0.05. The high reduction, in levels of VLDL and triglyceride cholesterol SFT, udara and spik pramana shows that lekhana basti has significant role in the management of sthoulya.

Author Biography

Ramachandra Nisargi

Assistant Professor

Department of Kayachikitsa




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Nisargi, R., Pathak, P., & C, M. R. (2012). The Effect of Lekhana Basti in the Management of Sthoulya. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 3(2).



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