Assessment of Prevalence of Primary Dysmenorrhoea (Kashtartava) in University Students

Dysmenorrhoea in University Students


  • Pranali Boharupi
  • Meena Shamrao Deogade



Primary dysmenorrhoea, University students, Kashtartava


Severe menstrual pain which is restricts to normal activities is termed as dysmenorrhoea (kashtartava). Today’s sedentary lifestyle and food habits are responsible for this problem worldwide. Dysmenorrhoea ensuing discomfort for women’s daily routines and resulting in missing work, college or school, inability to participate in sports or other activities. Primary dysmenorrhoea (PD) is the most common gynaecological problem among menstruating young adults and adolescents. To determine the prevalence of PD in university students questionnaire based survey was carried out in DMIMS (DU). Data of 500 female students was collected. Due to invalid data, 49 students were exempted. It is observed that 409 girls (90.68%) out of 451 were found suffering from dysmenorrhea. Out of that 74.08% girls are likes to eat spicy/junk food and 49.87% suffering from anxiety/depression. Food habits and stress may be the cause of this problem. Further detail study on big sample size needed for evaluation of cause of dysmenorrhea in young female students.

Author Biographies

Pranali Boharupi

Ayurvedic Student, Department of Dravya Guna, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College Hospital and Research centre, Wardha, Maharashtra, India

Meena Shamrao Deogade

Associate Professor, Department of Dravyaguna, All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi. India




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Boharupi, P., & Deogade, M. S. (2020). Assessment of Prevalence of Primary Dysmenorrhoea (Kashtartava) in University Students: Dysmenorrhoea in University Students. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 11(2), 170–174.



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