Clinical Evaluation of Agnitundi Vati in the management of Gridhrasi With special reference to Sciatica

  • Gabhane S M article
Keywords: Gridhrasi, Vataprakopak nidanas, Vata, Kapha, Agnitundi vati


In the present era, Gridhrasi is the commonly occurring disease in both geriatric and middle age. It causes due to irritation of sciatic nerve. According to Ayurveda,vataprakopak nidanas i.e. depletion of dhatu and obstruction of channels are the causes of Gridhrasi. Vata plays a major role in pathogenesis of the disease but sometimes associated with kapha. Agnitundi Vati described in Sharangadharsamhita has the properties acting on both vata and kapha. To assess the efficacy of Agnitundi vati in the management of Gridhrasi, present study was undertaken in 30 patients of both types of Gridhrasi. 125- 250 mg of Agnitundi Vati was given orally, two times daily after meal with lukewarm water for total 21 days. It showed hopeful results in subjective and objective parameters of Gridhrasi. The study shows that Agnitundi vati is effective in management of both types of Gridhrasi, but more effective in vata-kaphaj Gridhrasi.

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Gabhane S M, article

Professor, Department of Rognidan-Vikritivigyan, Datta Meghe Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Wanadongri, Nagpur

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