A Case Report of Urusthambha Vyadhi

  • Dandekar Niraj Prakash
  • Metkar Kranti
Keywords: Avrutta vata, Vata vyadhi, Thigh stiffness, Jala chankraman, Thigh pain, Stambha


Ayurved is the science of good long health and vitality. All possible vyadhis (disease) and their treatments classified under vata, pitta and kapha (tridosha) types. There have been mentioned 80 types of vata vyadhis (type of diseases) as per classical texts of ayurved. Uruthambha vyadhi (disease) is the type of vata vyadhi explained by acharya charak separately in Charak samhita  other than mentioned 80 types. Urusthambha is caused due to avrodh (obstruction) of vata (type of dosha) by aama (indigested food) and meda dhatu (fat). It obstructs the natural karya (function) of vata in urupradesh (femoral region) due to which the patient has restricted or no movements of thighs. Hence it’s the avran (covering) of aama & meda dhatu to prakruta vata (normal vata)which produces difficulty in walking along with symptom as sthambha (stiffness) in uru Pradesh (thigh region) and hence known as urusthambha. Urustambha cases are very uncommonly seen and diagnosed in routine clinical practice and hence we thought to present the case which diagnosed & successfully treated with only ayurveda. A male patient aged 39 yrs was reported for OPD by us at Shree gajanan ayurvedic chikitsalay and panchakarma centre, panvel, navi mumbai, Maharashtra (Registration no- 2166) with complaints of difficulty in walking with extreme pain and stiffness in uru pradesh (thigh region).We diagnosed and treated for urusthambha with classical treatment mentioned as per charak samhita (ayurvedic text) and was recovered completely after the regular treatment. Patient showed progressive improvement with complete cure in the period of 1 year & 2 months with abhyantara (internal) and bahya chikitsa (external treatment).

Author Biographies

Dandekar Niraj Prakash

P.G.scholar, Sharir Rachana Vibhag, YMT Ayurvedic Medical College, Kharghar

Metkar Kranti

Associate professor & HOD, Sharir Rachana Vibhag, YMT Ayurvedic Medical College, Kharghar

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Prakash, D., & Kranti, M. (2020). A Case Report of Urusthambha Vyadhi. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 11(2), 346-350. https://doi.org/10.47552/ijam.v11i2.1388
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