Study on the Effect of Varun Twak Lepa in Management of Vyanga

  • Swati Shivaji Mundhe Assistant Professor
  • Vinod Ade
Keywords: Vyanga, Kshudra Roga, Melasma, Varun Twaka Lepa


Vyanga is a disease, which decreases the glowing complexion of the face and affects the skin. Among many diseases concerned with the cosmetic values, Vyanga is common disease one of them known to us from thousands of years. Acharya Sushruta and Vagbhatta has mentioned Vyanga as Kshudra Roga. Though it is considered as Kshudra Roga(minor disease),   but it has got a major importance as a cosmetic problem in the society. Vyanga can be correlated with melasma, it is the common pigmentary disorder characterised by symmetrical hyper pigmented macules on face. Aim-To study on the effect of Varun Twak Lepa in management of Vyanga. In this study, the trial drugs used were  Varun Twak Lepa for topical application. Material and methods- A total 40 patients of Vyanga were selected from OPD and IPD of Kayachikitsa. Observation and results- To study the effect of Varun Twaka Lepa assessment of patient were done on the basis of MSI score. In all three types, dermal, epidermal and mixed significant result was found on 20th and 30th day. In comparison of three types of melasma more significant result was found in epidermal type.

Author Biographies

Swati Shivaji Mundhe, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Department of Swasthvritta, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College Hospital And Research Centre, Salod (H), Wardha

Vinod Ade

Professor, Department of Kayachikitsa, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College Hospital And Research Centre, Salod (H), Wardha

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