An Approach to Samskara in Ayurveda

  • Karam Singh
  • Bhavna Verma Lecturer, Basic Principle
Keywords: Samskara, Sacraments, milestone, growth and development.


Samskara (Sacraments) are a religious customs (rite), rituals sacrifices a religious ceremony. Samskara also build a wakefulness of the attainment of social status and rights for the individual. In Ayurveda, the word samskara also introduced as "Samskarao hi Gunaantradhyanum" means qualitative improvement is carried out by incorporating the specific qualities. The number of Samskara varies in different Hindu dharma granthas, it is about 16-40, but the applicable Samskara are 16 (shodash) in number which spreads from garbhadan to anteysthi samskara. In the present paper, it can be concluded that the Samskara described in Ayurvedic texts are based on the various milestones of child growth and developments and hence provide a rational guideline toward his care from very conception to adolescence.


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Karam Singh
Bhavna Verma, Lecturer, Basic Principle
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