Dhatri Loha In The Management Of Iron Deficiency Anemia


  • Ragamala KC
  • Kumar T P
  • Shailaja U




Iron deficiency anemia, Dhatriloha, Panduroga


Iron deficiency anemia is currently the most widespread micronutrient deficiency affecting nearly 1.5 billion people globally i.e. around 1/3 of the whole population. About 70% of Indians are found to be anemic out of which, 95% of anemia is due to iron deficiency. Infants, preschool children and adolescents are at greatest risk of developing iron deficiency and its resultant anemia. It is mostly seen in rural areas and in communities of low socio-economic group. Because of this reason IDA was selected for this study to assess the efficacy of Dhatriloha. So to evaluate the effect of Dhatriloha in the management of Iron deficiency anemia in children aged between 1-6years the present study has been taken up. 30 patients, from Kaumarabhritya OPD and IPD of SDMCA & H, Hassan, fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected in to study. Dhatriloha was administered in a dose of 250mg twice daily for a period of 60 days. The cases were recorded according to the case performa and observations were recorded. Symptoms were scored and statistically analyzed for any change before and after the study. In the group statistically highly significant change (P = <0.001) was observed in the signs and symptoms of IDA. There was a statistically highly significant response in hemoglobin concentration in the group (P =<0.001).

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Ragamala KC





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KC, R., P, K. T., & U, S. (2010). Dhatri Loha In The Management Of Iron Deficiency Anemia. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.47552/ijam.v1i1.15



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