Role of Panchatikta Panchaprasutik Niruha Vasti in Prediabetes A case report

  • Poonam V Ashtankar
  • Punam Sawarkar
Keywords: Prediabetes, Panchatikta Panchaprasutik Niruha Vasti, Prameha poorvaroopa


Background: Prediabetes is an intermediate state of hyperglycemia with glycaemic parameters above normal but below the diabetes threshold. In Ayurveda, it is correlated with Prameha Poovaroopavastha. The risk of developing diabetes remains high with an annual conversion rate 5-10%. Many other studies have shown that the efficacy of lifestyle intervention in diabetes prevention with a relative risk reduction of 40-70% in prediabetes adults. If we treat this disease in early stage then it checks the further pathogenesis of disease. Aim and objectives: The aim of this study was to observe the efficacy of Panchatikta Panchaprasutik Niruha Vasti enema including Palliative treatment in prediabetes. Methods: It is a single case study of 55 years old male patient who was diagnosed with prediabetes correlated as Prameha Poorvaroopa from 1 year approached to Ayurvedic hospital and was treated Panchatikta Panchaprasutik Niruha Vasti. The treatment was continued for consecutive 15 days. Results: After 15days changes were observed in symptoms as well as reduction was seen in blood and urine sugar level and overall quality of life of patient was improved. Conclusion: Patient got satisfactory relief in symptoms as well as objective parameters after 15 days.

Author Biographies

Poonam V Ashtankar

PG Scholar Department of Panchakarma,Mahatmagandhi Ayurved Medical College Salod (Hi) Wardha.

Punam Sawarkar

Associate Professor, Department of Panchakarma, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved Medical College Salod (Hi) Wardha.