An Outline on Shweta pradara and An observational study on its clinical presentation

  • Vishwesh B N
Keywords: Leucorrhoea, Shwetha pradara, Vaginal Secretion, Yoni srava


Leucorrhoea is one of the commonest complaints among women of reproductive age group. An  increase  in  the  normal  vaginal  secretion  develops  physiologically  at  puberty, at ovulation, premenstrual  phase  and  during  pregnancy.  Excessive discharge causes irritation and itching in the genitalia. Ayurveda explains this condition as Shwetha pradara. Though it is not a separate disease, clinically it has great relevance. This paper is an attempt to outline the details of Shwetha pradara as described in the classics and to illustrate its clinical presentation in 50 patients as an observational study.

Author Biography

Vishwesh B N

Associate Professor, Department of Prasuti Tantra, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU, Varanasi.

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