An Epidemological study on Low Back Ache (Kati Shool)

  • Geeta Vishwanath Sathavane
  • Madhulika Tiwari
  • Darshana H Pandya
  • Pramod Khobragade
  • Samata V Tomar
Keywords: Katishool, Low back ache, Survey, Working pattern, Lifestyle


The prime causative factors for all the disease is faulty life style and dietetics which is being followed frequently, leads to many diseases. Low back pain is one among them. Low back pain (Katishoola) is most expensive & benign condition in industrialized countries. It is one of the most frequent symptoms encountered by adults. The annual prevalence of LBP is 15-45%. Aims and objective-To evaluate the role of dietetics & life style modern era and working pattern in progression of low back ache. Material and method- Survey work was carried out on working group of Gujarat ayurveda university employees, OPD and IPD patients having low back ache on the basis of specially prepared proforma and questionnaires including present era lifestyle, working pattern and diet pattern. Total 91 patients were surveyed. Maximum numbers of patients were in age between 31-40 yr. The person doing mainly labour and/or clerical work, having shift and night duty, long time sitting on one place with improper posture, excessive walking (>3hr daily), bending posture, Standing type work (>3hr daily), >2hr travelling daily were affected more. Vishamashana, abhishyandi aaharsevan, consuming oily food, stress, irregular bowel habit, disturbed sleep, ratrijagaran, vegdhaarana etc. were observed as nidana. Conclusion- Faulty life style and diet pattern leads to accumulation and provocation of respective dosha and development of various life style related diseases and one of them is low back ache.

Author Biographies

Geeta Vishwanath Sathavane

Associate Professor, Rog Nidana Department, Datta Meghe Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Wanadongari, Nagpur.

Madhulika Tiwari

Assistant Professor, Sharir Rachana Department, Datta Meghe Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Wanadongari, Nagpur.

Darshana H Pandya

Assistant Professor, Rog Nidana Department, Institute of Post Graduate Teaching & Research in Ayurveda Jamnagar.

Pramod Khobragade

Professor and Head, Dravayaguna Department, Datta Meghe Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Wanadongari, Nagpur.

Samata V Tomar

HOD & Professor, UG and PG Department of Agadatantra, SSAM, Nashik.

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