Critical Analysis of Mulsthana of Medowaha Srotas

  • Charuta Keshavrao Parlewar
  • Pradnya Dandekar
  • Rupali Parlewar
Keywords: Vrikka, Vapavahan, Kati, Mansa, Jatharmeda, Asthavanindit


According to Ayurveda dhatus (structural entities) are circulating through a channel known as srotas, these strotas carry dhatu (tissue elements or their constituent) undergoing transformation to their destination. Each srotas has 2 mulasthan (roots), which are different according to various text of Ayurveda. Different Acharyas describe roots of Medowaha srotas differently upto some extent, with this context the exploration of this concept is needed with respect to modern science which is mostly based on Pratyaksha pramana. An Ayurvedic principle, to treat the diseases of respective srotas, root site has to be treated. About medowaha srotas, out of two roots one is “Vrikka” is common in all text, but the second root is different with this context exploration is needed. When we correlate term Vrikka with kidney, we can’t full fill the aspect of Meda (fat) metabolism but if Vrikka is correlates with kidney plus suprarenal gland then we can. In Structure suprarenal gland are attached to kidneys on superior side kidneys and suprarenal glands are made up of same tissue. The diseases of Meda dhatu given by compendia are correlated with diseases of hormone cortisol secreated by suprarenal gland, and cortisol is responsible for fat metabolism. Even suprarenal glands are not described in any text of Ayuurveda. The second roots given by Acharyas are Vapawahan, kati, Mansa and Jatharmeda respectively all these structures are deposited with adipose tissue having adipocyte. During starvation this tissue is metabolized and used for energy. So, these all structures are roots of Medowaha srotas.

Author Biographies

Charuta Keshavrao Parlewar

Associate Professor & Head, Department of Samhita Siddhant, Shri Gurudev Ayurved College, Mozari.

Pradnya Dandekar

Professor & Head, Department of Kriyasharir, Mahatama Gandhi Ayurved College, Hospital and Research Centre, Salod (H) Wardha

Rupali Parlewar

Professor & Head, Department of Physiology, Dr RajendraPrasad Medical College, Tanda at Kanda.India. 


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