Pharmaceutico-Analytical study of Shadbindu taila


  • Sreekala A P IPGT&RA Jamnagar
  • Anup B Thakar
  • Harisha C R
  • Shukla V J



Shadbindu taila, Madhyama paka, Standardization of taila, Pharmaceutical study, Sneha sidhi lakshana, Bhringaraja


Introduction: Shadbindu taila is an Ayurvedic herbo-mineral preparation used in a variety of clinical conditions especially in diseases of upper part of body. This taila is described as exceptionally beneficial for improving the strength of hands. Before a human trial it is essential to evaluate the quality and authenticity of the trial drug, Standardization is needed for assuring quality of any drug and it should be started with the identification and authentication of the drug Materials and method: Pharmacognostical evaluation carried out at Pharmacognosy department, ITRA, Jamnagar, pharmaceutical and HPTLC study were done at Pharmaceutical chemistry department, ITRA, Jamnagar. Microbiological evaluation was carried out at department of Microbiology I.T.R.A, Jamnagar. Results: Organoleptic examination:  Colour: Greenish Brown, Odour: Aromatic, Taste: Salty, Touch: Viscous, oily. Pharmaceutical evaluation: specific gravity 0.9177, density 0.8753 Refractive Index 1 .4860, Acid Value 4.042, Saponification Value 132.43, Iodine Value 169.33 HPTLC at 254nm (short wave) showed mainly 6 major spot and at 366 nm (long wave) showed 2 major spots. No organisms isolated in aerobic and fungal culture, in microbiology evaluation. Conclusion: The trial drug is authentic and devoid of any adulteration. All quality control parameters were found to be within the permissible pharmacopeial limits and the stability and shelf life of the trial drug also will be more as per the pharmaceutical parameters.

Author Biographies

Anup B Thakar

Director, Institute of Training and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar. 

Harisha C R

HOD Pharmacognosy Laboratory, Institute of Training and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar.

Shukla V J

HOD Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory, Institute of Training and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar.




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A P, S., Thakar, A. B., R, H. C., & J, S. V. (2021). Pharmaceutico-Analytical study of Shadbindu taila. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 12(2), 332–337.



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