Pharmacological evaluation of Vrishya karma (Aphrodisiac activity) of Whole plant of Lavandula bipinnata (Roth) Kuntze


  • Narendra Singh Dhaked
  • Mukesh B Nariya
  • Acharya R N



Aphrodisiac, Kamaraja, Lavandula bipinnata Roth, Vrishya


Background: Lavandula bipinnata Roth. of family Lamiaceae known as Kamaraja in Odisha is an erect, strongly fragrant, annual herb with multifaceted ethno medicinal claims to treat, poisons, tooth ache, anxiety, depression, headache, cold and sexual disorder etc. Aim: To study the effect of whole plant of Lavandula bipinnata for its aphrodisiac activity in albino rats. Material Methods: The sexually active male rats were chosen separately and divided into 2 groups; each group consisting of 6 animals and the study was carried by using the suitable animal experimental model. The data generated during the study were analyzed by employing Student’s‘t’ test for paired and unpaired data as applicable to determine significant difference between groups at P<0.05. Results: Lavandula bipinnata showed significant increase in weight of rats in comparison with initial weight. Test drug provided significant increase in mounting frequency, licking, chasing, genital sniffing, in comparison to control group and non-significant increase in mounting latency and serum testosterone level. Conclusion: Lavandula bipinnata whole plant possess significant aphrodisiac activity in test rat model and confirms its traditional claim as an aphrodisiac. 

Author Biographies

Narendra Singh Dhaked

PG Scholar, Dravyaguna department, ITRA, Jamnagar.

Mukesh B Nariya

Head, Pharmacology Laboratory, ITRA, Jamnagar.

Acharya R N

Professor and HOD, Dravyaguna Department, ITRA, Jamnagar.




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Dhaked, N. S., Nariya, M. B., & N, A. R. (2021). Pharmacological evaluation of Vrishya karma (Aphrodisiac activity) of Whole plant of Lavandula bipinnata (Roth) Kuntze. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 12(3), 529–533.



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