“Doshaghna Guna Ganana” (DGG) - A new arithmetic assessment of drugs’ effect on dosha based on Guna prbhava (Effect of properties)

  • Paramkusha Rao M
Keywords: Dosha, Guna Ganana, Doshghnata, Dravya Prabhava, Guna Prabhava, Dravyaguna


This is a first time effort to analyze the effects of drugs in a numerical way. Anything presented numerical is easily reproduced whenever and wherever is required.  Drugs act by the virtue of their properties. It is called Guna Prabhava. Such effect usually influences the Doshas in the body. The action of the drug exhibited by the virtue of its nature is called Dravya Prabhava in Ayurveda. Here in this paper an effort is made to measure the Guna prabhava of Ayurveda drugs with a new method called "DOSHAGHNA GUNA GANANA" (DGG). The method is a humble effort to understand Ayurveda Pharmacology in a scientific manner.

Author Biography

Paramkusha Rao M

Professor DEPARTMENT OF Dravyaguna 

S V Ayurveda College.  Tirupati 

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