Critical review on pharmacological properties of Brahmi

  • Yadav Kapil Deo IMS, BHU
  • Reddy K R C
Keywords: Brahmi, Pharmacological properties, Chemical constituents


Water hyssop and "Brahmi" are two words used for Bacopa monneri in the traditional system of medicine. Traditionally, it was used as a brain tonic to enhance learning & memory, and to provide relief in anxiety or epileptic disorders. The plant has also been used as a cardiac tonic, digestive aid and to improve respiratory function in cases of bronchoconstriction.Brahmi contains bacoside A & B, Brahmin as main alkaloid and others are nicotine, herpestine. Bacoside A, B are the major constituents present in Brahmi plant in the form of saponins other than this D- mannitol, hersaponin and potassium salts are also present.  In this review we discuss primarily on pharmacological properties, chemical constituents and scientific researches supporting the  not only traditional use of Ayurvedic claims regarding Brahmi plant but also other physiological conditions such as anti-inflammatory, cardio tonic and other pharmacological effects of BM preparations/extracts.


Author Biography

Yadav Kapil Deo, IMS, BHU
 Rasa Shastra, MD(Ay)
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