Standard manufacturing procedure of Makshika Bhasma

  • Ramesh Kumar Gupta Government Ayurvedic College, SSU, Varanasi
  • Jha C B
Keywords: Process, Sodhana, Marana, Puta, Standard


Rasa Shastra is a pharmaceutical science of Ayurveda known as Ayurvedic pharmaceutics deals with the processing of metals and minerals having therapeutic importance. Swarna makshika is an important mineral of Maharasa varga frequently used in therapeutics since Samhita period. Ancient Rasa Scholars have developed number of processing methods for a single drug by which crude form of drug converted into highly potent therapeutic agent. It is necessary to find out the standard manufacturing procedure for metals/minerals bhasma which ensures the quality, safety, efficacy, and reproducibility of the products for their global acceptability. This paper aims to make available SMP of Swarna makshika bhasma by kupipaka followed by putapaka method. Longitudinal muffle furnace instead of conventional voluka yantra was found advantageous for kupipaka of Swarna makshika with kajjali. Makshika obtained after kupipaka was further subjected to 6 puta with 4 kg cow dung cakes fire for genuine bhasma preparation.

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Ramesh Kumar Gupta, Government Ayurvedic College, SSU, Varanasi
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