An Assessment of Ahara as a Nidana W.S.R to Charaka Samhita

  • Hema Sundari Chinnam P.G.Scholar,S.V.Ayurvedic college,Tirupati
  • Shivudu K V
  • Ramreddy G P
Keywords: Nidana, Aharaja nidana, Viharaja nidana, Manasika nidana, Charaka


Ayurveda, the art of living deals with all aspects of life from birth to death. Human life is supported by three pillars-Ahara, Nidra, Brahmacharya(1). The causes of the diseases are mentioned as Asatmyaendriyarthasamyoga, Pragnaparadha and Parinama(2) etc i.e. improper Ahara, Vihara (food habits and lifestyles). In this era of modernization, the lifestyle of people is changed significantly. Factors like high calorie food, stress, irregular dietary habits etc contribute to life style disorders. This is the time to explore the secrets, concepts and principles mentioned in Charaka Samhita. Aims and Objectives: 1. Critical evaluation of percentage of Aharaja factors in causing diseases and there by establishing the need for attention of Ahara. 2. Listing of Top 10 diseases caused by predominance of Ahara, Vihara, Manasika and other factors. 3. Catalogue of the complete Aharaja Nidana capable of producing different diseases in one umbrella. Materials and methods: The entire Nidanas mentioned in Charaka Samhita were divided into 4 groups-- Aharaja, Viharaja, Manasika and Others. Observations and results: 94 disease conditions were dealt along with specific Nidana and common Nidana completely from the entire Charaka Samhita. 269 Aharaja nidana were mentioned for 91 diseases as a whole.

Author Biographies

Shivudu K V
Reader, Department of Basic principles, S.V. Ayurvedic college, Tirupati
Ramreddy G P
Prof & H.O.D, Department of Basic principles, S.V. Ayurvedic college, Tirupati
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