Management of Vandhyatwa with Chitrakadi Ghrutam and Phala Ghrutam

  • Bhaskaruni Subba Lakshmi
  • Meera Madhukar Paranjape
Keywords: Chitrakadi ghrutam, Phala ghrutam, Stree vandhyatwa, Menstrual cycles, Ovulation and Conception


Failure to achieve conception is Vandhyatwa (Infertility). The present research work is on stree vandhyatwa (female infertility). Clinical study conducted with Chitrakadighrutam oral in A group 50 patients and Phala ghrutam oral in B group 50 patients of Vandhyatwa. Efficacy of Chitrakadi ghrutam oral in management of stree vandhyatwa (female infertility) in comparison with Phala ghrutam is studied and assessed. Group A patients are given Chitrakaadi ghrutam - 10gms. oral once a day - at 6 a.m. Group B patients are given Phala ghrutam - 10gms. oral once a day - at 6 a.m. for 3 months. Anupaanam - is 100 ml luke warm water. Follow up was done for the drug once in one month. Further follow up was done once in a month for one year. Both the drugs proved to be effective in the management of the Vandhyatwa, but Chitrakadi ghrutam proved more efficacious than the Phala ghrutam.

Author Biographies

Bhaskaruni Subba Lakshmi
Dr. B Subba Lakshmi (MD Ayu)
Prasuti & Stree Roga Speciality
Gold Medalist, Dr NTR UHS Vzd
Professor, Prasuti Stree Roga Dept
Dr. BRKR Govt Ayurvedic College, HYD
Meera Madhukar Paranjape

Professor, Dept of Stree roga and Prasuti tantra,

Astanga Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Pune

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