Efficacy of Arogyavardhini vati with prakshalan of kshirivriksha in management of karnasrava

  • Shukla Rakesh R Lecturer Dept of Swasthavritta Sri ganganagar college of ayurvedic science Sri ganganagar. Rajasthan
  • Verma Ajit S Lecturer Dept of Samhita Uttranchal ayurvedic medical college Dehradun
  • Mishra Preeti
Keywords: Karnasrava, Otorrhoea, Arogyavardhini vati, Kshiri vriksha


Background: Now a days there is a lot of change in the life styles of peoples. Also due to increasing number of vehicles with their different types of sounds of horns leads to sound pollution which affects the ear. Thus due to different Apathyakar Ahar Vihar there is development of different types of Karnarogas. Karnasrava is alone among commonly found Karna Rogas now a days, resembles with otorrhoea, acute otitis externa and chronic otitis media. These diseases lead to permanent hearing loss, so it is necessary to treat properly. In modern practice these diseases are treated by systemic as well as local Antibiotics, Analgesics and Anti-inflammatory drugs. This affects the economical status of the patient. So it needs cheap treatment. Aim: Efficacy of Arogyavardhini Vati with Prakshalan of Kshirivriksha in management of Karnasrava. Conclusion: Karnasrava was found to be more prevalent in the lower strata of the society and labor class workers. The classical textual benefits of Arogyavardhini Vati with Panchkshiri Kwatha Prakshalan were adopted. This Vati is easily available & cheap conservative line of treatment for Karnasrava. This Vati used for longer duration may prove more effective in Karnasrava.

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Mishra Preeti
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