To study the efficacy of Lavang, Ela, Sitopala, Sphatica churna pratisaran in danta sharkara

  • Sumedha J Pundge
  • Yogesh T Kotangale
Keywords: Churna, pratisaran, danta sharkara, dental tartar.


Due to rapid changes in living life style, diet, ignorance towards oral hygiene and the taboos about dental diseases are actually on increase. Out of these dental diseases danta sharkara has the most common occurrence. It is compared with modern disease i.e. dental tartar. No medical treatment is available in Modern Science for tartar, so it becomes essential to search a effective medical treatment. ‘Lavang, ela, sitopala, sphatica' churna pratisaran used for the treatment of Dantasharkara. The property of churna is tridoshshamak, rasa, rakta, asthidhatu dushtihara & lekhaniya. So the present study is aimed to evaluate the efficacy of above described churna pratisaran in Dantasharkara. It is found that therapy used in the experimental group is effective in reducing dantasharkara.
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