Anatomical considerations on sira in Ayurveda with special reference to Sushruta Samhita

  • Kumar B M N
  • Awasthi H H
Keywords: Sira, Dhamani, Artery, Vein, Sushruta, Srotas


The Sushruta samhita is one of the three great treatises (Brihattrayi) of Ayurveda representing mainly the school of surgery. Sushruta samhita as the best one in Sharira (Å›Ärire Sushrutaḥ Å›reá¹£thaḥ). Sushruta has clarified the details such as distinction among sira,dhamani and srotas. The term sira, in one place reflects a meaning of blood vessels while at other place, it means nerve. In such condition it is very difficult to know doubtlessly about it like Modern Anatomy. Therefore, it requires great research work to get a clear concept. Aims and objectives- 1) To search and find out the references in relation to sira in Sushruta samhita. 2) To understand the concept of sira in Sushruta samhita and correlate with Modern Anatomy. Methods: - Ancient Ayurvedic classics were consulted and compiled references out of them for said subject to elaborate as well as to understand the process of sira in Sushruta samhita. Important observations: - Scattered references are available in Sushruta samhita and Modern Anatomy texts regarding sira. Results: - In Sushruta samhita sira is elaborated nicely it can be concluded and correlate with blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves in Modern Anatomy.

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Kumar B M N

Assitant Professor

Deptt.of Rachana Sharir,

Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU,


Awasthi H H
Professor, Head, Dept.of Rachana Sharir,Faculty of Ayurveda,IMS,BHU
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