Role of agnikarma in the management of chronic plantar fasciitis

  • Anantkumar V Shekokar
  • Kanchan M Borkar
Keywords: Agni karma, Plantar fasciitis, Painful heel


Chronic plantar Fasciitis is a common Condition in painful heel. Heel pain is observed in number of conditions like sever's disease, Calcaneal knob, Bursitis, bony spur, Pagets , Orteomyelitis, acute plantar fasciitis and chronic plantar fascitis. Management of the above condition is done by medicine, para surgical procedure and surgical procedures as per requirement. But these treatments modalities are lengthy having complications and are not suitable for common people belonging to developed countries.
As the reference of Acharya Sushruta suggests the disease chronic plantar fasciitis can be correlated with Vatakantaka. Vatakantaka is Snaya Asthi Sandhi Aashrita, so the patient should be kept under Agnikarma therapy upto a satisfactory level of relief from pain. It may be for long duration and hence in this study a case of chronic plantar fasciitis was treated by Agnikarma for a period of 45 days . In this period 6 sittings was administered at the interval of 7 days giving a complete relief from pain. After completion of Agnikarma , the patient was followed up and observed for recurrence for 3 months.

Author Biographies

Anantkumar V Shekokar

Reader & HOD Dept of Shalya Tantra

S. V. N. H. T’S Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Rahuri Factory,
Kanchan M Borkar

Lecturer, Dept of Shalya Tantra

S. V. N. H. T’S Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Rahuri Factory,