Development and validation of a tool to assess Rukshatha in healthy individual


  • Ragesh C
  • Sudhikumar KB



Guna, Gurvadi Guna, Ruksha Guna, Assessment tool, Dry property


In Ayurveda Ruksha (Dry) Guna (Property)which is one among Gurvadi Guna(Biological qualities) cause dryness. The property of Ruksha Guna (Dry property) is increaseVata and normalizes Kapha and also decreases body Strength and normal colour of body. The main objective of study is to find out tool for assessing Ruksha guna in healthy individual. Based on theoretical reference, FGD and IDI conducted among experts 35 items are generated in two domains (Physical and Psychological). From this 29 items are selected for final administration on selected sample for validity and reliability assessment. Each item is scored using 4 point Likert scale -no, rarely, often, every time with scoring 0, 1, 2, 3 respectively. Subjective question assessed by interrogation and objective parameter dryness of body parts are also assessed by this scoring method. Total 100 samples are selected for final administration of sample. The tool with 29 items gave a Cronbach’s Alpha 0.745 (n=29) showing high construct validity and internal consistency. After the reliability and validity assessment 1 items  deleted from the  administered tool in the selected sample. Finally there are 28 items are included in the Ruksha Guna assessment tool. 

Author Biographies

Ragesh C

Associate Professor, Department of Kriyasareera, PNNM Ayurveda Medical College, Cheruthuruthi, Thrissur. India.

Sudhikumar KB

Professor, School of Fundamental research in Ayurveda, Kerala University of Health Sciences, Tripunithura, Eranakulam India. 




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C, R., & KB, S. (2024). Development and validation of a tool to assess Rukshatha in healthy individual. International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine, 15(2), 465–469.



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